My philosophy on photography is simple: capture amazing moments and scenes using the camera, lens, and my unique perspective – not by excessive digital manipulation or fabrication!

Limited Editing

Post-processing of my photographs is generally limited to simple darkroom-style tasks, e.g., filters, dodge/burn, crop, etc. In other words, what you see in my finished photos closely resembles what I captured with the camera.

No Excessive Enhancement

At TurboFox Photography, you will never find excessive enhancement, HDR, photoshop composites, or any other overly-digitized images. I strive to present my subject matter in unique but natural ways.

Open Inquiring

Any exception to this rule will be annotated with a full disclosure. I thoroughly enjoy this art and remember many details about each and every shot. Feel free to email me to inquire about any photograph.


    “Wow, Andy! The pictures of my two greyhounds, Monk and Dibs at Fay Lake Dog Park, is spectacular! Monk is so naturally photogenic but you went beyond that and really captured his personality. And who would guess that Dibs was having a major camera shy day?? You drew him out of his shell and let him shine! Wow!! Great action shots! Thank you!! 

    Susan Wheat

    “I highly recommend Andy’s work as a photographer. He has an amazing eye for detail, a keen ability to capture once in a lifetime moments, and extreme reliability. I was extremely happy with the results, and have always enjoyed his honesty, speed and devotion to making his customers happy. I am a repeat customer and have purchased several of his prints outside of my own commissioned works. I would not hesitate to recommend him for any photography related needs, whether it be for events, photo shoots, or for simply purchasing prints.

    Michael Giordano

    “Today I watched live the landing of Atlantis and I can not imagine the emotional rollercoaster you must be on today as well. So I find it very fitting than when I got home your very moving, clear, beautiful photos were here. As if they were meant to be here at the end of 30 years of the space shuttle. You have TRULY HONORED me and my family as well with the FIRST copies of these photos that my family will treasure as long as we live. We are going to make copies of your incredible bio and put them with each of the photos as we frame them and decide where to hang them for all are guests to see and talk about and tell your great story. I look forward to purchasing more of your fabulous photos and recommend you highly. 

    Joe M

    “Andy took our engagement pictures, and they are wonderful! We have received so many complements on them. He uses unique angles for the photos and has so many creative ideas! Each of our pictures really is a work of art. Andy is also really easy to work with; our photo session was fun and relaxed. We would definitely recommend him!

    Amanda and Tim